What are Process + Blocker Heat Transfers used for?

Learn how to prevent dye-migration with our specialty full color + blocker heat transfers.

Our Full Color process + Blocker transfers combine the bright color and soft hand of our Original formula with a specially formulated blocker layer for dye migration prevention. Our Blocker transfers give you the ability to apply to heavy dyes, sublimated, and even tye-dyed garments with confidence.  The migration blocker prevents your heat transfer from being discolored by application temps, garment dyes or washing processes.  


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Why We Love Process + Blocker Heat Transfers

  • Highly opaque on dark fabrics - Decorate on any color plus blocker to prevent dye migration
  • Low Application temperatures - as low as 285° F / 300° for wash durability
  • Long shelf life means you can keep profiting without the waste. When stored properly, our transfers can last 3+ years!
  • Super easy to apply - only 7 seconds and hot peel

How Do I Order Process + Blocker Heat Transfers?

Check out this easy step-by-step tutorial on how to place an order on 613originals.com

What Heat Press Should I Use?

Check out this list of commercial heat presses we love.

How Do I Apply Process + Blocker Heat Transfers?

It's super easy! We provide detailed instructions on how to apply all of our heat transfers here. We can't wait to see what you come up with!