What is the Best Way to Store My Heat Transfers?

Want to keep your screen printed heat transfers fresh for up to 3 years? Follow these tips and tricks.

Our screen printed heat transfers can last for a surprisingly long time - years even - if stored the right way.

Keep It Cool 

We recommend you keep the unused transfers in the provided cellophane wrapping and stored in a cool, dry place. Do not store over 75°F or below 32°F for any length of time. Avoid sunlight and store away from any heat.

Lay It Flat 

Our screen printed heat transfers are printed on paper, so we recommend storing the transfers flat. Some of our customers love storing them in Ikea shelves, or in wire racks. Whichever way looks best for you, we recommend stacking transfer no more than 100-200 high. Too much weight can damage the bottom transfers.

Although flat files are fantastic for paper storage, they can get pricey. For more affordable options, we love Ikea's Alex Drawer Unit and these wooden compartments you can buy on Amazon.

Ikea Alex Drawer for Paper Storage Safco for Paper Storage

Product Type Matters 

Some product types are better suited for storage than others. Specialty transfers like our Glitter and Vintage have a shorter shelf life than Varsity and Original, due to the nature of the specialty materials used in manufacturing.



Although we recommend using our transfers within 3 years of production, we've heard of customers using older transfers with no issue. That being said, we can only guarantee the transfers for 30 days. Please visit our Warranty page for full details.

We are not affiliated with Ikea, Amazon, or Safco - we just love their products!