Your Glow in the Dark Questions Answered

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Our Glow in the Dark Screen Printed Heat Transfers are created by screen printing specialty plastisol ink onto paper. The ink has been formulated with a UV-activated glow additive that glows when the lights are out! Our Glow in the Dark transfers are designed to last and glow, wash after wash. All you need is a heat press, and our high quality heat transfers to turn your idea into reality!


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Why We Love Glow in the Dark Heat Transfers

  • Highly opaque on dark fabrics - you can decorate on any color, without compromising the vibrancy of your design!
  • Comes in 6 different daytime colors, so you don't have to limit design ideas!
  • As easy to apply as our Varsity transfers! Set your press to 325˙F, apply for 7 seconds at max pressure and hot peel!
  • Great for bold, trendy designs - Take advantage of the latest retro craze and add a glow effect to those amazing 70s-inspired fonts you're looking to use
  • Long shelf life means you can keep profiting without the waste. When stored properly, our transfers can last 3+ years!
  • Keep your shop clean with just a heat press and heat transfers. Never worry about screens, buckets of ink, washout, etc.  

What Do the Glow in the Dark Colors Actually Look Like?

We offer 6 glow stock colors: White, Yellow, Orange, Bright Blue, Bright Green, and Hot Pink. We cannot provide an equivalent Pantone® color like we usually do, as the glow additive does alter the color slightly.

During the day, these transfers look normal. But once the lights go out, they glow! White, yellow, and bright green glow the brightest. Pink and orange have less of a glow due to the nature of the pigments.

Interested in seeing how they glow at night? Here are some animated gifs of our applied glow transfers for reference:


White Glow
Daytime Nighttime
GlowWhite-D GlowWhite-N
Yellow Glow
Daytime Nighttime
GlowYell-D GlowYell-N
Orange Glow
Daytime Nighttime
GlowOrange-D GlowOrange-N
Pink Glow
Daytime Nighttime
GlowPink-D GlowPink-N
Bright Blue Glow
Daytime Nighttime
GlowBlue-D GlowBlue-N
Bright Green Glow
Daytime Nighttime
GlowGreen-D GlowGreen-N

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What Heat Press Should I Use?

Check out this list of commercial heat presses we love.

How Do I Apply Glow Heat Transfers?

It's super easy! We provide detailed instructions on how to apply all of our heat transfers here. We can't wait to see what you come up with!