What's the Difference Between Artwork Review/Preflight and Art Services?

Artwork Review: When placing your order, you must choose an Artwork Review/Preflight Review type, Standard Review or Print As Is.
Choosing Standard Review means our pre-production team will perform a 15-point check on your design to ensure it’s ready to print. If there are any questions or concerns, they'll send a detailed email with options for getting your artwork adjusted and back on track. 
Choosing Print As Is means you're opting to bypass the 15-point check. It's your way of letting us know that your artwork is ready to go and does not need our team to review before production. Even if your artwork falls below our recommended printing guidelines, you’re asking us to print the artwork exactly as submitted, understanding that the final print quality may be compromised.

Art Services: Our Art Services team can help you with your artwork before you place an order. They can help review, resize, and even vectorize your artwork for as low as $10! Click here to learn more.