DTF Art Requirements

Everything you need to know about submitting your artwork for DTF.


On 6/26/23, we changed our art requirements for DTF transfers only. Read below for more info!


What HAS Changed (Things we will NO LONGER flag DTF artwork for)

  • Resolution
    • For the best quality print, please be sure to save your artwork at 300 PPI or higher.
      • If exporting as a PNG from Canva, we recommend moving the 'Size' slider to the maximum size - this controls the resolution.  Just be sure to set your canvas size in Canva to the size you want the artwork to print.
  • Line weight
    • DTF technology is amazing at printing those fine details. Instead of flagging your artwork and potentially creating unnecessary delays, we'll go ahead and print your artwork as is.
  • Transparencies
    • If there are transparent areas in your artwork, our expert team will go ahead and correct these concerns to match what you see in the canvas preview before placing your order. 

What HAS NOT Changed (Things we will CONTINUE to flag DTF artwork for)

  • Flattened background
    • If we're unable to determine which areas of your artwork are intended to print, we'll ask you about it before printing. This is to ensure there aren't any 'white' pieces of artwork that get lost when removing the white background.
    • To avoid this please be sure to submit your artwork with a transparent background OR on a contrasting color background (we love using hot pink!)
  • Live type
  • Oversized artwork
  • Copyright concerns
  • Dramatic color shift when converting from RGB to CMYK printing
    • If there's no significant shift in color, our team will process your file as usual. However, if something looks really off, we'll always check with you before printing your order!


Totally confused? No worries! We're here to help. You can contact our Support team via email at support@613originals.com, chat with us on our website, or give us a call at 866-613-6744.