How To Order a Custom Pantone® Color With Spot Color Gang Sheets

Find out how to request a custom Pantone® Color for spot color gang sheets on 613 Originals website

We offer a large variety of Stock colors, but we can also print any color from the Pantone® Solid Coated Color book through our Varsity, Classic, Nylon, NonWoven, and Vintage formulas. Custom Pantone® matching is only available when choosing a "Gang" sheet option for an additional fee.

Here's how to order a Custom Pantone® Color:

Step 1: Navigate to our Digital Storefront and Choose Your # of Colors

  • Select your formula and number of colors. Remember, Custom Pantone® Colors are only available in 1, 2, and 3 Color programs.


Step 2: Choose Your Sheet Size

  • Choose the sheet size you wish to use based on the actual size of your artwork. We offer (4) different sheet size within the "Gang" sheet options.
  • Be sure to choose a sheet size with a "Gang" sheet option. Custom Pantone® Colors are not available through the "Single Image" programs.

Choose any gang sheet option

Step 3: Upload Your Artwork and Choose Custom PMS

  • Upload your art file, enter your Job Name, enter the Quantity, and select the Artwork Review and Artwork Orientation options.
  • The final section is the Color Option section. This is where you will choose your colors for your order. Select your first color from the Color Options dropdown list. 
    • In the example below, we have chosen White for the first color and have chosen Custom PMS (+$30) for the second color. Note: The order you choose the colors does not matter.
  • Once the Custom PMS (+$30) option is selected, another field will appear. This is where you will type in the Custom Pantone® color you want us to print.


Step 4: Type in Your PMS Color

  • Enter your Custom Pantone® Color in the pop-up window.  Please verify the Pantone® number is correct and also provide a description of the color.  Example: Bright Pink 219 C or PMS 1505 C Orange

Custom PMS Color PopUp Window-400x321

  • And that's it! Once completed, simply add the order to the cart.

 Enjoy your Custom Pantone® Color!