How To Make Tagless Care Labels for Your Garments

Increase your profits and brand awareness with custom tagless heat transfer labels!

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Maximize Your Earning Potential with Custom Tagless Labels

You land a totally amazing contract - the kind of contract that takes a ton of effort, but once completed, not only makes you some good money, but provides the sweet satisfaction of a hard day's work. You deliver the finished goods, the customer is super happy with the quality, and you get a nice, fat paycheck. You're positive they'll call you any day now to give you another contract. But weeks pass, then months, with nothing, not even a text. Does this sound familiar?

We've heard the same story from our customers, time and time again. There's a great solution that can help! Adding custom tagless labels that include your own company name to your finished goods can be a simple way to remind your customers of your quality work. With an added, personalized touch, let them know that you're ready to provide them with the excellent quality and service they were so happy with last time.

Create Your Own Tagless Care Labels with These Free Templates!

Download a 3"x3" 100% Cotton Label Template here!

Download a 2.5" x 2.5" 100% Cotton Label Template here!

Download a 3" x 3" 50/50 Cotton/Poly Label Template here!

Download a 2.5" x 2.5" 50/50 Cotton/Poly Label Template here!

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Why We Love Them

  • No more scratchy mill label - tagless labels are a comfortable alternative!
  • Transfers give you the flexibility to apply tags on demand, as you need them
  • Easy and cost-effective
  • Clean application means no screens or inks to clean
  • Fast easy printing application as little as 7 seconds per shirt

Sourcing the Right Garments

Many garment manufacturers offer garments with “tear away” labels that make it easy to replace with your own tagless label. These "tear away" labels can be removed by simply tugging at the label until it's released from the garment collar seam.

We recommend manufacturers like Alstyle Apparel, Alternative Apparel, and Next Level Apparel as they offer styles with “easy tear away” labels.

Artwork Matters

When adding your own branding to your tagless label, we recommend these tips. 

  • Be sure to make your logo large enough and easy to read. Remember, you want your customers to quickly look at the tag and see where they last purchased their order.
  • Try adding additional info like your phone number or your website just below your logo
  • If you are using blank shirts that already have a care label which may be sewn on to the shirt, you must be sure you follow the FTC Label Guidelines before you cut it out and replace it with your own tag
  • We recommend gray labels so that they can be applied to a variety of garment colors - use one for all!

How To Order

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Need help? Email us your order or artwork for a quote at and we will be glad to help you place your order or help you estimate the cost.