How Long Will My Heat Transfers Last on a Shirt?

We'll give you some tips to keep your transfers looking as vibrant and fresh as they did the first time you pressed them.

We get this question a lot. The short answer? A long time.

When screen printed heat transfers are applied properly, they can last the life of the garment! 
Check out our detailed application instructions page for how to best apply your transfers.

It's also super important to wash the garments properly so that the transfers look as great as they do on their 50th wear, as they did on their first. 

Wash & Care Instructions

For long lasting transfers, we recommend washing inside out with cold water. Line dry is strongly recommended, but who really has time for that? Tumble dry with low heat works great too. 

Click here for more information about washing your heat pressed garments.


We can not guarantee heat transfer washability as we're unable to verify our product was applied and washed properly according to our recommended guidelines. Our products are purchased from many major retailers who do their own testing before accepting our products. Many of these clients require a minimum washability test of 60 washes.