How Do I Reorder My Varsity Full Color Transfer Order?

How to Reorder Your Varsity Full Color as Original Full Color

“Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement….” 
William Pollard 

You still can! Sort of. We redesigned our Varsity formula to be even better. Now called Original, this formula feels softer, looks bright, still easy to apply and still super fast.

In our efforts to improve our customers’ transfer experience, we combined bright colors with durability alongside soft hand feel and easy application to create our new Original product!  A product that not only grants you all of these things, it also opens up possibilities thanks to its increased versatility. Want to decorate t-shirts? No problem! Customer decided they want tote bags instead? Easy! Oh no, the tote bags are actually non-woven? We got you!  The Original product is your key to happy customers. 

The good news is that the CMYK printing process remains mostly unchanged so the only thing you will see is an improved color palette and clarity of details thanks to the low heat application temps.  While we understand consistency is important, we felt improving our product would help our customers achieve more of their goals in the transfer business.  As with any change, a transition period can be expected.  We believe the improvements to color and feel will be happily received but understand there may be some holdouts.  Although application at 315° is recommended for best color vibrancy, our heat transfer paper can withstand the same high heat applications as before.  You or your customers can apply at the hotter 350° to 375° to match previously applied Classic transfers.   

If that still doesn’t work well enough, we are happy to help adjust artwork and color correct as needed; an exact match may not be guaranteed but we should be able to achieve a more consistent transfer color to past reorders.  Please send a sample of the original transfer applied as you want to match it to our support staff in NJ and we’ll send you an updated file by email to place future orders.